USA | How we found our perfect travel partners with technology!

After finishing college on opposite ends of the Earth in Australia, I finally wanted to fulfill my life dream.
I always wanted to travel to the warm and sunny california in the US.

After asking some friends if they would join my trip, everyone denied as they all had to work.
My life dream seemed to be shattered but I didn’t give up and looked for some alternatives.
After a while, my girlfriend called me back and asked if I checked out the Streak app already.

So I downloaded the app and signed up with my preferred date and travel destination.
After some time and completing my full profile more and more users showed up and then I got my first few matches and wrote them.
Nearly a week later after writing I came across another cute guy which was not far away from my hometown.
We met each other and immediately knew that we wanted to see the same things across our journey!

After an additional meet up planning the trip, we briefly met up again at the Sydney airport and flew to San Francisco.

San Francisco, and the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area is also an excellent city to base yourself for your first three days.
If you’re arriving internationally, you’re going to want a few days to adjust to the time zone difference before hopping into a car.
For this reason, we going to recommend spending three nights in San Francisco, and picking up your hire car as you leave.

Then, we also organized to drive to Los Angeles before going to Las Vegas and some other parks along this trip.

We visited the Golden Gate Bridge, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Hollywood of course and many many more wonderful sightseeings.
We both had to say it was one of our best experiences in our life.
After 3 weeks in USA, we finally flew home!

We reunited in Thailand after being apart for half a year.
And a few weeks after meeting again we planned the next trip – Thailand!

We both found a friend for a lifetime and are still planning trips together.

Sarah & Paul